Phone connection is essential for successful communication.

We provide call services mainly for the pharmaceutical industry with specialization in sales, marketing surveys and communication of a specific message to a selected group of health care professionals. In addition, we provide customer service line based on individual client requirements.

Selling over the phone

Leave it to us and we will substitute your sales and pharmaceutical representative. Call center operators actively contact a selected group of customers and sell your products on the phone. While on a call, operators use their sales skills and many years of experience in telemarketing for the effective management of the sales campaign. Professionalism and pleasant communication are vital to the successful sales of your products and services.

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Contacting the selected group of customers

Do you have a plan to contact a selected group of specialists or health care professionals and inform them about a new product, changes in the SPC, or a price change? Talk to us! Thanks to our call operators your message will reach your customer in the shortest possible time. Are you interested in the satisfaction and purchase habits of your customers? Availability of the right information about your customers and effective sales may increase your sales and market success.

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Telephone market research

Good quality data and market information are essential for the creation of marketing plans and sales strategies. Thanks to professional team of our call operators and right questions you can have the latest information from the market quickly and efficiently. We analyze the obtained data, statistically evaluate and provide our customers with a clearly outlined report.

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Mystery calling

Do you want to know how your client perceives your services or products or to evaluate the quality of your sales representative's services? Do you know how your sales representatives work? Do you need to verify the quality of your customer service? The result of a mystery call can be the overall evaluation of the employee approach, such as call operator, sales representative, seller of the pharmacy's staff, to their work.

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Customer service line

We will help you cope with the onrush of incoming calls. We are managing customer service line for your products or services, performance of which will be supervised due to the recording of all incoming calls. The content will be tailor-made in accordance with your requirements and specifications.

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Order line

Selling products and services on the phone offers many effective solutions, which increase your success on the market. We can create a phone line with a complete ordering service and data processing regarding the sales of your products and services.

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We have years of experience in pharmaceutical area.

We are growing dynamically and providing products and services in health care and pharmaceutical industry in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. We have experience with sales on the phone, execution of good quality marketing research, customer phone lines following individual requests of our customers. Our ambition is to provide services to clients who look for new and innovative solutions of communication and sales. Each sales campaign is a challenge for us. Thanks to knowledge, experience and proactive approach of our specialists we keep working on continual development and innovation of our services. Our clients and their satisfaction with our services and products are important for us.

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